It's Lower Body Day

Farrell's Kids

It’s not too early to learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Farrell's La Vista Kids is an entertaining, week-long program that encourages kids to eat foods that will make them strong and exercise daily. Do you have children with a lot of energy? This is the place!

Building Healthy Habits

Farrell's Kids is a five-day program for kids who want to have a good time and attempt new activities. They'll experience and be entertained by fun workouts—including kickboxing and strength training. Each workout is followed by an interactive game to encourage problem-solving skills and inventive thinking. They’ll also find out how to fuel their growing bodies by keeping track of the good foods they eat during the week, to understand what a good diet looks like.

More than Just an Activity

Farrell's Kids develops more than physical health. Each day, kids will go over different ideas that build character:

  • Self-discipline
  • Respect
  • Preparation
  • Achievement

Farrell's Kids is more than a fitness class—it’s positive reinforcement for important life skills parents teach at home!

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