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Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping - La Vista, NE Transformation Stories

The only thing “extreme” about Farrell's in La Vista is the transformations our members experience. They find success in all areas: Weight loss. Relief from stress. Even a life free of medications. Now it’s your chance!

Let our members inspire and impress you! And see the winners of our $1,000 Challenge and our National Challenge.

Karen and her partner wearing Farrell's shirts
Karen S.
Bellevue, IA
“I joined a weight-loss program at worked and plugged at it for two years losing 50 pounds and starting to gain it back. I kept seeing the advertisements for Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping, and decided this was it.”
Kira L.
Northwest Omaha, NE
“Farrell's has woven strength through my body - physically and mentally.”
Transformation Default Image
Joey K.
Midtown, NE
“No longer do I have to hide in clothes twice my size. I have energy today. I am not ashamed of my appearance. I can play with my now 12-year-old son without tiring out.”
Jeremy and Family after Farrells
Jeremy E.
R Plaza
“It's as if I was given another chance at life because of Farrell's - a chance to be the same type of father for my young children now as I was in my early twenties with my older children.”
Natalie W.
Natalie W., LaVista, NE
“So when I'm asked how Farrell's changed my life, my response is simple. I'm living for me now. The program works, I'm FIT, I'm healthy, I eat the best I have ever have! I've lost 30 lbs. and 28 inches. I'M STRONG!”
Melissa B.
Melissa B., Northwest Omaha, NE
“My oldest daughter even recognized my progress, and I was able to confidently give her teen girl advice for the first time.”
Renee K.
Renee K., West Dodge, NE
“This journey has blessed me with new friends, countless memories at Farrell's and so much love and support.”
**Each person is different, so results will vary. Any testimonials or results shown or stated reflect what that specific person was able to achieve using our program. If you follow all of the Farrells 10-Week program and there is no improvement in any of your fitness evaluations that are conducted by us upon completion of your 10-Week Challenge, we will pay you $500.
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